Boost your product’s brand equity with IPCO’s automated labeling service. This allows your bottles to be labeled with an adhesive sticker as part of your company’s branding, meaning that your order arrives labeled and ready to be filled with your product immediately, thereby reducing your production time.

Labeling is done by machine for a reliable finish every time.

When subjected to heat, PVC sleeves shrink onto the bottle to perfectly take on its form, providing a unique way for brands to enhance their visibility on-shelf and “dress the bottle” according to their brand image. This service delivers sleeved and packed bottles ready to be used immediately, thereby reducing production time.

Most consumers identify their preferred brands by their logos, and many companies are embossing their logos on the caps of their bottles. IPCO can provide embossed caps to not only boosts brand recognition, but more importantly provide a security guarantee that the product inside is genuine.

Available for certain sizes only.

Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and now they come in all colors as well.
IPCO provides color options for special orders on all HDPE and PET products.

Colors subject to local availability, minimum quantities apply.

If you are looking for a particular shape not available in our offering, or want to create a unique bottle design, IPCO can engineer a new mold for your product exclusive to your company.

*Some services are not available for certain products. Please inquire for more information.